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Lift Technique

To take advantage of the Olympic lifts, an athlete needs to first learn the basics of these explosive movements. This will involve hands-on instruction to learn the techniques and experience progression, as well as, variations of Olympic-style pulls, power snatch, power clean, push press and squatting movements. Correct body mechanics and exercise techniques for each lift are essential in order to maximize the benefits from these disciplines and justify their use in training programs.

It is crucial that an athlete can listen and comprehend instructions from the Coach. This, combined with athletic attributes will determine an athlete’s speed of progress.

No matter what sport an athlete is involved in, the development of strength, speed, power, and flexibility, related to the individual, is considered essential to enhancing performance. Olympic weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk), are explosive and challenging exercises that will most definitely aid in accomplishing these objectives. However the athlete must be physically prepared to begin learning this technique to avoid injury and to optimize results. Accomplishing this requires correction of the athlete’s individual muscular imbalances, development of strength and flexibility to increase joint and core mobility and stability, as well as, postural alignment.

Steve Mason is a Steel Machine

NHL Player
Columbus Blue Jackets

Training this past summer with Dave was one of the best experiences I have had during my summer conditioning programs. Dave's knowledge of the body and physical a...

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