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Immunocal® Protein Supplement

To ensure the athlete’s energy level is maintained and their immune system remains strong throughout the training cycle, we recommend that an Immunocal protein supplement be incorporated into the training program.


What does Immunocal do?

Immunocal is a safe way for the athlete to boost their energy and support their immune system.


What is it?

Immunocal is a pharmaceutical-grade milk serum protein isolate that produces a sustained delivery of cystine to the cells via normal metabolic pathways. By providing cystine, Immunocal allows the cells to synthesize and replenish their glutathione stores without adverse or toxic effects.


Is it toxic or harmful?

NO. Immunocal has no proven or known toxicity. It has less than 1% lactose. However, if the athlete has a milk protein allergy or has had an organ transplant we recommend they consult a physician before taking Immunocal.


Can the athlete take it with nutritional supplements and prescribed medicines?

YES. Immunocal is not known to affect adversely any other prescribed medicines or nutritional supplements such as Ensure, Boost, or Juven. In fact, Immunocal will add missing ingredients that are vital to an athlete’s health and immune system.


How much should the athlete take?

A suggested daily dose is 1-2 packets, depending on the athlete’s needs. How should the athlete take it? Immunocal should be mixed with two to three teaspoons of plain yogurt. The yogurt will help protect the protein from the acidity in the stomach while it is being absorbed. However, Immunocal can be mixed with water, juice, any dairy product, or any other room temperature liquid of choice.

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